Package Managers

List of Package Managers

AssetsPackage Format
Alpine Linux based packages.
For example: Distributions based on Alpine, such as popular Docker images.
Swift / Objective-C packages.SwiftCocoapods
PHP Composer project/library (.phar) packages.Composer (Packagist-compatible)
C, C++ packages.Conan
Powershell and Chocolatey packages are used for system administration and automation on windows systemsPowerShell Modules Repository
Chocolatey Repository
Rust packages.Cargo (
Dart/Flutter packages.Dart
Debian Linux (.deb) based packages.
Example distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary, Raspian, Mint, etc.
Debian (deb)
Go packages (modules).Go
Docker images.Docker
Hex packages for the BEAM ecosystem; any language that compiles to run on the BEAM VM, such as elixir and Erlang, can be used to build Hex packages.Hex
Kubernetes Helm charts.Helm
Lua modules (called rocks - it's a whole moon theme!).LuaRocks
Maven-based or compatible packages, for Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, or other similar languages.
Also supports Gradle, Sbt, Leiningen and other build systems.
npm project/library packages.npm (npmjs-compatible)
NuGet (.nupkg, .snupkg, etc.) packages.NuGet
Python project/library (.whl, .zip, .tar.gz, etc.) packages.Python (PyPi-compatible)
R statistical computing and graphics packages.CRAN
Raw / Generic / (any type) packages, which is basically anything that you want to version and distribute.
For example: Windows binaries, Go packages, Datasets, etc.
Raw / Generic
Ruby project/library (.gem) packages.Ruby
RedHat Linux based packages,
Example distributions: RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, Oracle, Scientific, etc.
RedHat (rpm)
Terraform Module packagesTerraform
Unity Package ManagerUnity Registry
Vagrant boxes.Vagrant

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