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At Cloudsmith, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get your packages into our system from where you can manage and distribute them according to your need.

Cloudsmith comes with an awesome CLI (Command Line Interface) tool, a discoverable first-class API, and bindings allowing you to publish and download your packages and containers using practically any leading DevOps tool/service.


Bot Service Accounts

For CI/CD, we would usually recommend that you create a bot Cloudsmith user in your organization. See Bot Service Accounts for more details.


Continuous Configuration Automation (CCA)



Documentation Roadmap

Most, if not all, integration/deployment tools provide the ability to install and run dependencies. Please use the CLI in the absence of a native integration or upcoming guide:


  • Bitrise
  • Buddy
  • Codeship
  • Google Cloud Build
  • LayerCI
  • Octopus Deploy
  • Spinnaker
  • TeamCity

Continuous Configuration Automation

  • SaltStack

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Cloudsmith is the new standard in Package Management and Software Distribution

With support for all major package formats, you can trust us to manage your software supply chain.

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