Troubleshooting Conan

Q. Why can my conanfile not access external services?

When extracting metadata from the, Cloudsmith restricts all network access, meaning that any attempt to reach external services from within your will fail, potentially leading to package synchronization to fail.

We recommend keeping your as simple as possible to ensure your upload has no issues.

Q. Why is my recipe failing to synchronize?

Similar to the previous point, when extracting metadata from the, Cloudsmith runs your recipe in an isolated secure environment. Things like:

  • Reading or writing files to the local filesystem
  • Reaching out to external services (with the exception of Conan Central), like GitHub.
  • Utilization of third-party python libraries
  • Dynamically setting metadata values like version, license, description, url, author, topics from external sources to the recipe file.

Will potentially lead to a synchronization failure. We recommend keeping your as simple as possible to ensure the upload has no issues.

If you or your organization have a use-case for any of the previous points please reach out to us.

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