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Platforms are built and thrive upon strong communities. At Cloudsmith, we believe in the power of developer communities and want to encourage and foster community growth and participation wherever possible. We open-source as much of our work as possible and love it when our community gets involved and contributes. Contributions from the community strengthen the platform and benefit all of our users.

We also believe in contributing back to the broader open-source community, whether through contributions back to the open-source software we use or participating in community events and discussions.

You can find our open-source projects below, and we greatly look forward to your contributions.

Open Source projects

Everything external to our API is open-source.

Command Line Interface (CLI)
API Clients (Generated)
Example projects for integration
Terraform Provider for Cloudsmith
A reusable orb to integrate CircleCI
Github Action to push to Cloudsmith
View all on GitHub

Bitbucket Pipe for publishing artifacts
View examples on Bitbucket

Supporting Free / Open-Source Software

In addition to our typical (yet awesome) free/paid public and private repository hosting, we also offer a special type of hosting for open-source projects. This is entirely free and offers 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth by default. You can find more details about this on the Open-Source Hosting Policy page.

Supporting Open Source

Here are some projects we love and support:

Community Sponsorship

At Cloudsmith we love building communities. Which is why we sponsor them! Including:

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