Client Logs

The repository client logs show you a detailed list of every file that was downloaded from the repository:


Client Logs

The columns in the log are:



Status Code

The HTTP status code for the request


The name of the file that was requested

Bytes Transferred

The total bytes transferred, and if hovered over - the time taken for the transfer.

Date / Time

The time of the request, and if hovered over - the exact date/time of the request

IP Address

The IPv4 or IPv6 address for the request, and if hovered over - the Edge Location, the browser/client, device and OS.


If a EULA acceptance was required or not.


The type of authentication provided (if a private repository)


Download Logs for Docker

Due to the nature of Docker and how layers may be shared across images, download counts for Docker are collected differently from other formats. The download count displayed for a Docker package is based on pulls of the "configuration" layer for an image, so pulls for other data-based layers aren't counted. However, this is typically enough to gauge usage for an image.

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