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Cloudsmith provides public & private repositories for Vagrant boxes


Vagrant is an automation tool for building and managing virtual machine environments. Developed by the wizards at Hashicorp it makes setting up environments easier to manage.

For more information on Vagrant, please see:

Contextual Documentation

The examples in this document are generic. Cloudsmith provides contextual setup instructions within each repository, complete with copy n' paste snippets (with your namespace/repo pre-configured).

In the following examples:

OWNERYour Cloudsmith account name or organisation name (namespace)
REPOSITORYYour Cloudsmith Repository name (also called "slug")
TOKENYour Cloudsmith Entitlement Token (see Entitlements for more details)
USERNAMEYour Cloudsmith username
PASSWORDYour Cloudsmith password
API-KEYYour Cloudsmith API Key
BOX_NAMEThe name of your Vagrant box
BOX_VERSIONThe version number of your Vagrant box
PROVIDER_NAMEThe name of the Vagrant provider (i.e virtualbox, hyperv, vmware_desktop etc)

Upload a Box

To upload, you need to generate your Vagrant box first. You can do this with:

vagrant package --output

This generates a box file (.box) like that you can upload.


This assumes that you've created a Vagrantfile file for your project and that you have used vagrant up at least once. Please see the official Vagrant docs for more information.

Upload via the Cloudsmith CLI

For full details of how to install and setup the Cloudsmith CLI, see Command Line Interface.

The command to upload an (Objective-C or Swift) CocoaPods package via the Cloudsmith CLI is:

cloudsmith push vagrant OWNER/REPOSITORY --provider PROVIDER_NAME --name BOX_NAME --version BOX_VERSION


cloudsmith push vagrant your-account/your-repo --provider virtualbox --name awesome --version 1.0

Upload via Cloudsmith UI

Please see Upload a Package for details of how to upload via the Website UI.

Download / Install a Box

To enable the retrieval of Cloudsmith hosted Vagrant boxes, the box can either be added directly via Vagrant's CLI or the project's Vagrantfile can be updated.


To add the box directly via Vagrant's CLI, execute the following:

Public Repositories

vagrant box add '' \
  --name 'BOX_NAME' \
  --box-version 'BOX_VERSION' \
  --provider 'PROVIDER_NAME'

Private Repositories


Private Cloudsmith repositories require authentication. You can choose between two types of authentication, Entitlement Token Authentication or HTTP Basic Authentication.

The setup method will differ depending on what authentication type you choose to use.


Entitlement Tokens, User Credentials and API-Keys should be treated as secrets, and you should ensure that you do not commit them in configurations files along with source code or expose them in any logs.

vagrant box add '' \
  --name 'BOX_NAME' \
  --box-version 'BOX_VERSION' \
  --provider 'PROVIDER_NAME'
vagrant box add 'https://USERNAME:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json' \
  --name 'BOX_NAME' \
  --box-version 'BOX_VERSION' \
  --provider 'PROVIDER_NAME'
vagrant box add 'https://USERNAME:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json' \
  --name 'BOX_NAME' \
  --box-version 'BOX_VERSION' \
  --provider 'PROVIDER_NAME'
vagrant box add 'https://token:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json' \
  --name 'BOX_NAME' \
  --box-version 'BOX_VERSION' \
  --provider 'PROVIDER_NAME'

To add the box without having to specify the URL each time, the following must be added to the project's Vagrantfile:

Public Repositories = "BOX_NAME"
config.vm.box_url = ""

Private Repositories = "BOX_NAME"
config.vm.box_url = "" = "BOX_NAME"
config.vm.box_url = "https://USERNAME:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json" = "BOX_NAME"
config.vm.box_url = "https://USERNAME:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json" = "BOX_NAME"
config.vm.box_url = "https://token:[email protected]/basic/OWNER/REPOSITORY/vagrant/BOX_NAME/metadata.json"

Install a Box

After you have added a box, Vagrants CLI tool can now be used as normal to install and start a box:

vagrant up

Upstream Proxying / Caching

Not Supported

Key Signing Support



Please see the Troubleshooting page for further help and information.

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