Package Groups

Package Groups provides a per package view of a repository, as opposed to the default view for a repository which shows each individual version of every package. This can be useful to give you an overview of the packages contained within your repository, especially if you have a large number of versions for each package.

The Package Groups view groups packages by package format and package name:


Package Groups


FormatThe format of the package
CountThe total number of versions of the package
NameThe package name
DownloadsThe total number of downloads for all versions of the package
SizeThe size of the Package
Last PushThe date / time of the most recent upload of the package to Cloudsmith

Clicking on any package name will take you to the default list view for the repository, but filtered to show only versions of that specific package. For example, if you clicked on the cloudsmith-maven-example package name above, you will then see:


Package Group Details

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