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To invite new & existing users, you should have created at least one organization and a team to use for the team invitations. See Organizations for steps to create an organization and Teams for steps to create a team.

To invite people to your organization:

  1. Click on the "ORGS" button on the top menu
  2. Click on your organisation name
  3. Click on the "People" tab
  4. Click the green "Invite Users" button
Invite Users buttonInvite Users button

Invite Users button

You will then be presented with the "Invite New Users" form:

Invite New Users formInvite New Users form

Invite New Users form

Invite existing Cloudsmith users

To invite an existing Cloudsmith user, enter their name or username and the autocomplete will provide suggestions or an exact match for a given user.

Invite new users

To invite new users, enter one (or more) complete email addresses for the user(s) you wish to invite.

To save time, you can bulk invite a combination of new and existing users however they must share the same Organization role and Team role.

Organization Roles

When inviting users to a team, you specify a role that all invited users will assume when they join the organization and team. These roles are:

Organization Role



Can manage organization administration and settings and have all permissions implicitly. They can manage other owners and delete the account


Can manage organization settings, teams and non-manager user roles (excluding owners), and inherit privileges from the organization and team memberships.


Can see other members and visible teams, and inherit privileges from teams they belong to.


Can only see other team members and inherit privileges from teams they belong to.


Owners are the "superusers" of the organization. Managers have access to organization settings, can manage the organization itself and can join teams, but managers have to join teams explicitly to get access to repositories, due to the principle of least privilege.

Team Roles

You can also invite users to become a member of any existing teams you have created within the organization. This allows you to bulk invite users and later specify additional teams and roles for individual users. You can do this by selecting the required teams from the drop-down menu in the "Plus Invite to Teams" text field.

When inviting users to a team, you choose one of the following roles:

Team Role



Can manage the team settings and members


Only inherits privileges from the team

Once completed, the list of users you wish to invite and (optionally) the team(s) that you wish to add them to will be despatched an email after the captcha has been completed and "Invite Users" green button has been submitted.

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