Package Delete

We provide two ways to remove your packages/files/assets from your repositories:

  • Delete via the API using tools/integrations (such as the Cloudsmith CLI),
  • Delete directly via the Website UI.

Delete via Cloudsmith CLI

Identify a Package

To delete a package using the Cloudsmith CLI, you first need to identify the package you wish to delete. See Package Identification for instructions to do this.

Delete a Package

Once you have identified the package, you use the cloudsmith delete command to delete it:

cloudsmith delete OWNER/REPO/UNIQUE_ID

For example:

cloudsmith delete demo/examples-repo/G0rDBWcVBMEm

In this example, we identified that the package we want to delete has the Unique ID "G0rDBWcVBMEm" and we are deleting it from the "my-example-repo" repository:


cloudsmith delete CLI example

Delete via Website UI

You can delete a package via the Website UI:

  • Via the repository packages list
  • Via the package detail page

Delete via Repository Packages List

To delete a package via the repository packages list, click the orange "Tool" button to the right of the package name, then click "Delete":


Delete package button on repository packages list

Delete via the Package Detail page

To delete a package via the package detail page, click the red "Delete" button to the right of the package name:


Delete package button on package detail page

After clicking a "Delete" button, you will then be presented with a confirmation form. Click "Delete" again to confirm deletion of the package:


Delete package form

You will then get an on-screen message confirming that the package has been scheduled for deletion.

Bulk Package Delete

To delete more than one package from a repository, use the checkboxes beside the package names and then click the red "delete package" button that appears at the top of the package list:


Bulk Package Delete


If you have selected a checkbox beside a package name, then package operations under the orange 'tool' button will be disabled as you are now in bulk operation mode.

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