Microsoft Teams

How to integrate Microsoft Teams with Cloudsmith

This guide shows you how to post a message like an example below to a Microsoft Teams channel every time a package is successfully uploaded.

Configure Incoming Webhooks on Microsoft Teams

At the time of writing you can configure your Microsoft Teams Channel according to the official Microsoft Teams Documentation.

Copy the webhook URL, which looks like:

Create Webhook on Cloudsmith

  1. Open your repository in Cloudsmith and browse to the 'Webhooks' page using the menu on the left
  2. Choose to 'Create Webhook'
  3. Add the webhook URL from above to the box labeled 'Target Endpoint URL'
  4. Choose 'Handlebars Template' as the 'Payload Format'
  5. Choose 'application/json' as the Content type
  6. Select 'Package Synchronised' from the row of events
  7. Add your handlebars code; the template below produced the message shown above
  8. Under 'Webhook Event Subscriptions' select 'Send Specific Events (choose)' then check 'Package Synchronised'
  "text": "New package from _{{ data.uploader }}_",
  "attachments": [
      "fallback": "{{ data.filename }} version {{ data.version }} by {{ data.uploader }}",
      "text": "{{ data.summary }}",
      "title": "{{ data.filename }}",
      "title_link": "{{ data.namespace }}/repos/{{ data.repository }}/packages/detail/{{ data.slug }}",
      "mrkdwn_in": ["fields"],
      "color": "good",
      "fields": [
          "title": "Repository",
          "value": "{{ data.repository }}",
          "short": true
          "title": "Version",
          "value": "{{ data.version }}",
          "short": true
          "title": "Description",
          "value": "{{ data.description }}",
          "short": false

Upload a package and enjoy the awesome automated Microsoft Teams posts!


Webhook Event Types

For more information about the events triggered by the package synchronization process please see our Webhook documentation.

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