Import files from a folder

How to a bulk import of packages into Cloudsmith in a folder

Bulk Import

Once you have exported all your npm packages you can upload them to Cloudsmith- yay!

First make sure you install the Cloudsmith CLI and export your token.

A folder of packages in the correct format can be published to Cloudsmith using the script below. We support over 28+ format types. The supported formats can be found here.
Create the bash script below and call it and give it execute privileges.
cd into the folder.

for f in *
  echo "Processing $f file..."
  cloudsmith push $2 "$1" $f

Execute the file passing the path of <CLOUDSMITH_ORG>/<CLOUDSMITH_REPO> and the type.

./ cloudsmith_org/cloudsmith_repo python

Cloudsmith is the new standard in Package / Artifact Management and Software Distribution

With support for all major package formats, you can trust us to manage your software supply chain.

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