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What Is Package Management?

Package management is the process of handling the many and varied dependencies and artefacts for your servers, applications and developers. These are the archives, binaries, libraries, tools, scripts, modules, snippets, metadata, assets and even datasets that power your processes, products, and solutions

A binary package manager provides centralisation for these dependencies and artefacts, acting as a glue-layer within the DevOps toolchain to provide easier interaction between development, operations, build and release. By introducing package management the friction between different functions within DevOps is reduced, and the process of delivering from developer to customer is accelerated.

Cloudsmith Package is a fully featured binary package manager that operates in the Cloud, and acts as the central pinwheel for managing your software dependencies and the distribution of your software to your customers and users across the world.

Our mission is to provide package management that leverages the best capabilities of the Cloud, and to specifically build it around customers that want better software dependencies, better software distribution, and better automation of their DevOps pipelines and platforms. We believe that modern infrastructure and applications require modern tooling, and that package management is the quintessential modern tool for DevOps.

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What Is Package Management?

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