Service Accounts

Service accounts allow you to create a Cloudsmith API Key that is not tied to a specific user. Service Accounts are ideal for any use case where you have automated processes (such as a CI/CD pipeline or similar) that requires write access to a repository.

For use cases that only require pull/read access to a repository, you may wish to use an Entitlement Token.



In order to create or manage Service Accounts for your organization, you need to have Owner or Manager permissions within the organization.

Create a Service Account

To create a Service Account, go to Service Accounts on your Cloudsmith organization's accounts page, and click "Create Service Account":


Service Accounts

You are then presented with the Service Account creation form. Just give your Service Account a name, and optionally add a description and chose any teams in your organization that you wish to add the service account to.


Service Account Creation Form

Get Service Account API Key

To obtain the Service Account API Key, click the key itself to reveal it or click the paperclip icon to copy the key:


Service Account API key

Get Service Account Username

The Service Account username is displayed under the Service Account Name:


Service Account Username

Refresh a Service Account

Click the orange "Refresh API Key" button to generate a new Service Account API Key.


Refresh Service Account Button

You must then confirm that you wish to refresh the Service Account API Key


Refresh Service Account Confirmation

Delete a Service Account

Click the red "Delete Service Account" button to permanently delete the Service Account and its associated API Key:


Delete Service Account Button

You must then confirm that you wish to refresh the Service Account API Key:


Delete Service Account Confirmation

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