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Legal Policies - Overview

PolicyWhat Is It?
Individual Terms and ConditionsThe Service terms and conditions that apply to all individual users of the service.
Global Data Processing Terms [TBC]The Service terms and conditions, including data processing, that apply to organizations, and users that are managed by an organization.
Privacy PolicyThe Service privacy policy, which explains how data is collected processed and used, that applies to all individual users of the service.
Security PolicyThe Service security policy, which explains how we operate to secure the service and protect your data.
Notification of Breach PolicyThe Service notification of breach policy, which explains how we handle security/data breaches, and the timeframes plus process for disclosure.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)The Service level agreement policy, which explains service guarantees provided for different tiers of users and organizations.
Support Escalation PolicyThe Service support escalation policy, which explains how to escalate critical issues, for users that pay for priority support.
Open-Source Hosting PolicyThe Service open-source hosting policy, which explains the terms and conditions of hosting OSS projects on Cloudsmith for free. Plus attribution and how to acquire formal sponsorship.
Contributor License AgreementThe Service contributor license agreement, for external users that contribute to Cloudsmith projects.
Bug Bounty ProgrammeThe Service bug bounty programme, which invites security researchers to submit exploit disclosure information to Cloudsmith, in return for a variable bounty.

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Legal Policies - Overview

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