Import Docker

Bulk Import of Docker images:

Since Docker can be used in different ways including remote repositories and different naming conventions this documentation will include a guide as to how you can script around bulk-importing your images to a Cloudsmith repository.


Get image names and tags:

  • Get an output of image name+version, this can be achieved by using:

    • docker images --format "{{json . }}"
    • This will provide a JSON list of all the images and their attributes. We are primarily looking for 2 values, Repository and Tag. Export the above to a file or assign the output to a dictionary in your script.
  • If your organization is using remote repositories you can access this information by utilizing Docker's v2 API, more information can be found here.

Re-tag the images with Cloudsmith URL


Velocity + Ultra customers

If you are a Velocity/Ultra customer, you are entitled to a custom domain for your package types including Docker. Before proceeding, if you would like to use a custom domain we highly recommend requesting it first as you will have to re-point the images to your new domain.


Before you proceed:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into the Cloudsmith repository you wish to push the images to. More information can be found in our docs.
  2. The format that we will be tagging the images is as follows:
  3. If you are using a custom domain, the URL will change to <custom-domain>/v2/OWNER/REGISTRY/

Once all of the images are saved either to variable or file, they now need to be parsed into docker tag command to include the new name for the docker image.

  1. Configure your script to insert the following: docker tag old_image:version

  2. Then we can use docker push <new_image_name>:<tag>



If your images are named the following:

Cloudsmith equivalent should look like this:

Finally the push command:

docker push

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