Harness CD

How to integrate Harness CD with Cloudsmith

Harness is a self-service Continous Delivery platform that allows engineers and DevOps to build, test, deploy, and verify software, on-demand.

Harness also provides Continuous Integration through Drone CI

Adding authentication to Harness CD

To authenticate to a private Cloudsmith repository, you first need to add either your Cloudsmith API Key or a Cloudsmith Entitlement Token in Harness as an encrypted secret in a Secrets Manager.

Harness includes a built-in Secrets Manager (Harness Vault) and also supports many third-party Secrets Managers. Please refer to the Harness documentation for details on how to configure your chosen Secrets Manager.

Cloudsmith API Key

You can obtain your Cloudsmith API Key from using the Cloudsmith CLI or via the API Settings page when logged in to the Cloudsmith Website.

Cloudsmith Entitlement Token

Please see the Entitlements documentation for details of how to create and retrieve Entitlement Tokens via the Cloudsmith CLI or the Cloudsmith Website.

Deploying a Docker Image with Harness CD

Add a Cloudsmith Repository as a Harness Artifact Server

Cloudsmith Repositories are added to Harness as an Artifact Server. At a minimum you need to provide the following information to configure an Artifact Server:


Harness Artifact Server Setup

TypeThe type of Artifact Server, select "Docker Registry".
Display NameA name for the Artifact Server within Harness. You can use any name that you wish here.
Docker Registry URLThe URL for your Cloudsmith Repository. Enter https://docker.cloudsmith.io/v2/ or your own docker Custom Domain (if enabled in your Cloudsmith Account)
UsernameThe Cloudsmith Username, or an Entitlement Token name that you wish to authenticate with Please see the Cloudsmith Docker Registry documentation for details of authentication methods.
Select Encrypted PasswordThe Encrypted Secret that you wish to use for Authentication. Please see the Harness documentation for further information on Encrypted Secrets.

Declaring a Docker Image to be deployed

A Harness Service is where you specify the artifact that you want to deploy.


Harness Service Artifact Source

Add the following to specify a Docker image :

Display NameA name within Harness for the artifact.
Source ServerThe "Display Name" specified when configuring the Artifact Server.
Docker Image NameThe name of the Docker image.
In the format OWNER/REPOSITORY/IMAGE-NAME, where OWNER is your Cloudsmith Organization / Account name, REPOSITORY is your Cloudsmith Repository identifier, and IMAGE-NAME your the Docker image name in the repository.

Cloudsmith is the new standard in Package / Artifact Management and Software Distribution

With support for all major package formats, you can trust us to manage your software supply chain.

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