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Deployment (for Operations)

Cloudsmith provides a stable platform from which to deploy software assets and integrates with leading infrastructure-as-code tools.

Cloudsmith provides a safe haven for all your software assets; whether they be npm packages or Docker images. With multiple authentication methods; Cloudsmith is ideally suited to provide the artifacts and packages required to build your infrastructure; whether it be an EC2 box or a full Kubernetes cluster.

Promote and track assets through your pipelines; building a provenance trail of all deployed software.

Configure for automated deployments
Stability to drive deployments

Integrate with any Continuous Deployment tooling

Cloudsmith can integrate with any CI/CD or CCA tool through a number of methods (first-class integration, API, CLI, or native format tooling).

Provenance: Promote Assets for Deployment

Use webhooks to automate deployment pipelines and promote assets. On Cloudsmith you can mirror your production pipeline and manage assets in logical groupings such as development, test, staging, and production.

Once you upload an asset; you can move it from development -> test -> staging -> production keeping the integrity of the asset, a provenance trail, and without the bandwidth cost of downloading from staging then re-uploading to production.

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Deployment (for Operations)

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