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If you need to speak with a real person at Cloudsmith (hey, engineers are people, too!), then great; not only do we love speaking with people, it's straightforward to do. Depending on your urgency, please select from the following ways to communicate with us, ranging in preference:

Support Portal

Our support portal is powered by the team at Zendesk. Just go to and sign-in! As well as submitting a request for support (the button in the top right-hand corner), you can view all open issues, questions, feature requests (and more) that other members of your team have. You can also search and peruse our Knowledge Base which houses a bunch of useful FAQs, troubleshooting and How To guides.


If you'd rather use your own email client to send us a message instead of the contact form, you can send us an email with fancy borders instead. In order for us to handle your email in the most effective way, please direct your email to one of the following places depending on the type of enquiry:

We try to avoid using email as much as possible so it might take us a little longer to reply (if you need one) via this route. If you need a little more urgency then we'd recommend the live chat method above! The exception is for security enquiries which are always diverted into a high priority channel using the virtual equivalent of dialing the bat phone.

Live Chat (via Intercom)

Our live chat system is powered by the fantastic folks at Intercom. You can find it as a little blue widget on the bottom-right of every page (see below), and clicking on it gets you a direct line to us (how cool is that!?).

This is our preferred method of communication for the large majority of our customers, especially if you need support while using the website. Either way, say hello!


Click the Intercom icon in the bottom right corner

Video Call

Want to see some smiling faces? If you'd like to set up a video call with us to walk through an issue or talk to us, please contact us via Intercom or email support and we will schedule a call with you.

Schedule a Demo

Or if you'd like schedule an online Demo, please contact us via Intercom or email support and we will send you a link to book at Demo slot at a time that suits you.

Social Media

We like to think we're pretty hip, err, modern like all of you cool kids out there today, so now we're also on this "socialisation medium" thing we keep hearing about. You can reach out to us using all of the following methods (hopefully it's positive!):

Yes, we also hate the fact that we couldn't get the same handle across the websites. 😺

Snail Mail

Lastly and definitely least (in terms of speed) is the traditional snail mail method. Although we'd absolutely love to read a hand-written letter, we can't guarantee a reply since we've only been classically trained in keyboard communication. This method is best reserved for legal enquiries although if you'd like to send us a postcard, some swag or even just a thank you note, we'd absolutely love to have them. Our address for all mail correspondence is:

Cloudsmith Ltd
Scottish Provident Building
7 Donegall Square West

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