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How to integrate GitLab CI/CD with Cloudsmith

GitLab is an open-source DevOps platform originally built as a Git-based source code management tool but has since expanded into many areas including CI/CD.

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The Cloudsmith CLI gives you full control when connecting to any CI/CD process; allowing you to upload any of our support formats or query your repositories. Just configure your API Key, install the CLI, and you'll be all set.

To upload a package to a Cloudsmith repository using a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline, you can either use the Cloudsmith CLI or the native package management tooling, such as gem push or cargo publish (where supported)

In either case, you will need to add your Cloudsmith API Key to your GitLab CI/CD environment

Adding your API Key to GitLab

Retrieve your Cloudsmith API Key.

API Key use with the Cloudsmith CLI

To use the Cloudsmith CLI with GitLab CI/CD Pipelines, you will need to add your Cloudsmith API Key to your GitLab repository as a CI/CD environment variable named CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY.
Please see the GitLab CI/CD environment variables documentation for further details.

API Key use with native package managers

If using native package management tooling to upload your package, you will need to add your Cloudsmith API Key to the credentials file or location that the native tools require. Please see the documentation for your specific package management tool for further details.

You can then use GitLab CI/CD file variables to securely store your Cloudsmith API Key and create the required credentials file from this file variable during a pipeline run.


Push a Ruby Package.

To push a Ruby package via gem push using GitLab CI/CD, you will need to add the following

  1. An environment variable, called RUBYGEMS_HOST, containing the URL for your Cloudsmith repository to your GitLab CD/CD pipeline .gitlab-ci.yml file:
  1. A file variable, called CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY, to your repository CI/CD settings:
:rubygem_api_key: Token <YOUR_CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY> 
  1. A push stage in your GitLab CI/CD pipeline .gitlab-ci.yml file, which will create the required ~/.gem/credentials file, copy in the contents of the CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY file variable and then run the gem push command to upload your Ruby package to your Cloudsmith repository
  stage: push
    - mkdir -p ~/.gem 
    - mv $CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY ~/.gem/credentials && chmod 0600 ~/.gem/credentials
    - gem push <YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME>.gem

Cloudsmith is the new standard in Package / Artifact Management and Software Distribution

With support for all major package formats, you can trust us to manage your software supply chain.

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