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Package fails to synchronize

Synchronization is where we extract the metadata and files within a package, process them and make the package available for download. There are a few reasons why a package may fail to complete this process:

  • Incomplete or malformed package metadata
  • Corruption or errors in creating the package
  • A temporary problem with back-end package processing

In some cases, especially with a temporary problem with package processing, synchronizing the package may resolve the issue. Please see Package Resynchronization for instructions.

In the case of a corrupt package or missing/incomplete metadata, resynchronizing the package will not resolve the issue. You would need to fix the problem with the package itself and then re-upload the package again.

Error: Could not import the GPG key for this repository

You likely have not installed the GPG key for this repository. You can download the repository GPG key from Cloudsmith and install it. There is contextual documentation for this in your repository for whichever format you are working in.

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