Audit Logs

Organization Audit Logs provide a log of events across your organization, such as creating/deleting a repository or modifications to repository settings/configuration.


Organization Audit Logs

Key Concepts:

Each entry in the log represents an event or a state change and consists of four main components.

  • Actor: The object that performed the Action, such as a User, Service Account or System
  • Verb: The verb (phrase) identifying "what_happened", such as login, retention_settings_changed or token_created
  • Action Object:  The object which was created, deleted or updated by the action.
  • Target: (Optional) The object within which the Action was performed, such as a repository or account

Searching / Filtering

You can Search and Filter the Audit Log using the search box at the top. You can also use boolean logic (e.g. AND/OR/NOT) for complex search queries.

Search Terms

Search BySearch Terms Example
Actor Kindactor_kind:user (user)
actor_kind:service_account (service account)
Event Timeevent_at:>"1 day ago"
event_at:<"June 21, 2022 EST"
Event Kindevent_kind:action (action)
event_kind:create (create)
event_kind:read (read)
event_kind:update (update)
event_kind:delete (delete)
Event (Fuzzy)event:api_key (api key events)
event:entitlement (entitlement events)
event:login (login events)
event:package (package events)
event:retention (retention events)
event:service_account (service account events)

Field type modifiers (depending on the type, you can influence behaviour)

  • For all queries, you can use:
    ~foo for negation

  • For string queries, you can use:
    ^foo to anchor to start of term
    foo$ to anchor to end of term
    foo*bar for fuzzy matching

  • For number/date queries, you can use:
    >foo for values greater than
    >=foo for values greater / equal
    <foo for values less than
    <=foo for values less / equal

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