Can I use Cloudsmith Package for free?

Absolutely! The Free tier allows you to use the service at zero cost, as long as you stay within the allocated limits. If you are consistently hitting the limits it is recommended that you upgrade to the next tier above where you get even more generous allocations of storage/bandwidth and will reduce the likelihood of overage tiers.

Do you offer plans for Open Source repositories?

Yes, we offer free plans for open source repositories. Just sign up and create open-source repositories. You don't need a special account for it.

Do you have a separate pricing package for each artifact type?

No, our pricing is for features, and then scales by usage.

What happens if I use more than my allocation of storage/bandwidth?

Cloudsmith Package offers a flat amount of built-in storage/bandwidth per plan. Where you exceed these allocations you'll be charged for overage (i.e. over-usage) costs. This means you can scale based on your usage.

How do I manage my overage costs?

You can restrict your allowed overage and even turn it off completely within the settings dashboard for your user or organization. Storage and Bandwidth are usually defaulted to a limit of 200%.

I'm on the top tier but need more storage/bandwidth, what can I do?

Your portfolio must be impressive! If you require even more storage or bandwidth than our generous top tier plan provides, then we can fit a custom plan (and pricing) around your needs. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

How do I get billed?

Aside from the Free tier, you will be required to enter a credit card within the billing settings for your user or organization before selecting a paid plan. Assuming that you stay within your overage costs you will be billed for an amount equal to your selected plan.

When do I get billed?

Immediately (or after any trial has finished) you will be automatically billed for the selected plan in addition to any overage costs accrued. From then on in you will be billed automatically on a monthly basis, on the same day each month.

Can I downgrade my active plan tier? What happens?

Yes, you can! You can downgrade at any time, although you'll be subject to all of the limits and overage costs of the lower plan. If by downgrading you'll be causing your use or organization to exceed overage limits then the downgrade may be prevented, but please be careful anyway. As for the plan cost, you'll be awarded a pro-rata balance equal to the difference between your current plan and the lower plan for the remaining billing period, but your billing period itself will remain the same.

Can I upgrade my active plan tier? What happens?

Yes, you can! You can upgrade at any time, and you'll immediately benefit from the increased limits and decreased overage costs of the higher plan. As for the plan cost, you'll immediately be charged the pro-rata difference equal to the difference between your current plan and the higher plan for the remaining billing period, but your billing period itself will remain the same.

How is the bandwidth usage calculated?

All uploads are free of charge and do not count toward bandwidth costs. Every successful download, incl. partial downloads contribute to your bandwidth usage, and it is the sent server/client bytes that are added to your total usage. We don't charge for incoming bytes or for the number of requests. Only outgoing bytes are counted within a billing period.

How is the storage usage calculated?

Storage is calculated as a high watermark of your storage usage - this is the maximum amount of usage you've held at any one point within a single billing period. Think of this like a filling tank of water. For example, if you upload 500MB but then delete 250MB, your current usage will be 250MB but your high watermark will still be 500MB, which is the amount of storage we will consider you to have used within the billing period. Any current usage is carried over to the next billing period, so in the previous example, your next billing period will start with a high watermark of 250MB.

Do you offer any smaller / startup plans?

We are fully committed to supporting startups and smaller teams, and we will look at this on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will see how we can accommodate you.

I need a little more time to evaluate Cloudsmith - can you extend my trial period?

We are happy to discuss how we can make your evaluation more effective, please contact us for further information.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, but it'll make us sad! You can cancel at any time, although it only becomes active at the end of your current billing period. This means that you'll still have time to reactivate your account, and you'll be able to continue to use it until it expires. If you're thinking of leaving us, we'd really like to know why so we can either prevent it or make it better in the future! Please let us know.

Do you have another question that isn't answered here?

Feel free to contact us if you still require assistance. We're happy to help!

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