How to integrate Roadie with Cloudsmith


Roadie is a service catalog platform that allows users to integrate a number of different APIs into one dashboard for ease of tracking key metrics in one place. Roadie currently has many available plugins and we are happy to announce that Cloudsmith is one of them. An example picture of what is possible to have displayed through this integration:

Getting Started:

In order to get started please visit Roadie's GitHub Page and follow the steps of spinning up your own open-source instance.

Once setup and running, you can add Cloudsmith Plugins by inserting them into packages/app/src/components/home/HomePage.tsx.

There are currently 4 available plugins:


Displays how many packages are in use/inactive in the provided repository


Repository Stats


Displays the current bandwidth and storage usage and how much is available.


Repository Stats


Displays audit logs for a specified repository.


Repository Audit Logs


Displays Medium to Critical vulnerabilities found in a specified repository.


Repository Security Scan Results


In order to use the plugins import them into HomePage.tsx:

import { CloudsmithStatsCard, CloudsmithQuotaCard, CloudsmithRepositoryAuditLogCard, CloudsmithRepositorySecurityCard } from '@roadiehq/backstage-plugin-cloudsmith';

Once imported you can add them to your grid:

<Grid  item  xs={12}  md={6}>
   <CloudsmithStatsCard  repo="repo-name"  owner="org-name"  />

<Grid  item  xs={12}  md={6}>
   <CloudsmithQuotaCard  owner='org-name'/>

<Grid  item  xs={12}  md={6}>
   <CloudsmithRepositoryAuditLogCard  owner='org-name'  repo='repo-name'/>

<Grid  item  xs={12}  md={6}>
   <CloudsmithRepositorySecurityCard  owner='org-name'  repo='repo-name'/>

You can add multiple elements by copying and pasting the code above and changing CloudsmithStatsCard. Some elements will only require owner field and the syntax should highlight in red that it only takes one argument.

Then you can edit the app-config.yaml for the backstage backend application, adding the following proxy configuration.

    target: ''
      X-Api-Key: ${CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY}

When you run the backstage backend, you will need to set the CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY environment variable.

Cloudsmith is the new standard in Package / Artifact Management and Software Distribution

With support for all major package formats, you can trust us to manage your software supply chain.

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