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Docker Registry

Docker is an ecosystem that is used to run packaged software known as containers. A container image is bundled with all of the software and configured required to run as an independent process (or collection of processes), and an executing container is isolated from other containers and processes.

Docker provides the concept of the registry as a storage service for storing and distributing image containers for use. The official one of which is DockerHub, which is owned and operated by Docker itself.

Cloudsmith provides a fully-fledged Docker registry with full compatibility for current and future versions of the Docker engine and container image formats. With Cloudsmith you'll be able to push, pull, inspect and manage container images, privately and publicly.

All of this is provided with the standard functionality and features that are offered in the Cloudsmith platform, such as collaboration, advanced permissioning, whitelabelled distribution, multi-tenacy with other packaging formats, etc.

For more information on Docker, please see:

  • Docker: The official website for Docker (the company and product).
  • DockerHub: The official public registry for Docker repositories.
  • Docker Article: The Wikipedia article on Docker.

Dude, Where's my Config?

Cloudsmith provides contextual setup documentation with copy n' paste snippets (with your namespace/repo pre-configured) within the repository documentation.

Docker Registry

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