Endpoints / Versioning

The API is versioned to help reduce future compatibility issues if we need to change the API. The following is a list of the current API versions and their URI endpoints:

VersionEndpoint(s)Date Available
v1 (Version 1.0)https://api.cloudsmith.io/


Latest/Default API Version Compatibility

If no explicit version has been specified then the latest version of the API will always be accessible at https://api.cloudsmith.io/ - so for example if the latest version is v1 then this will point to the v1 API. If we release a new v2 API then https://api.cloudsmith.io/ will automatically point to the v2 API, which may break clients that don't expect it. In order to maximise compatibility (if you need it), you should consider pointing at the fully-qualified endpoint for the version you need, such as https://api.cloudsmith.io/v1/, or use one of the alternative methods (see below) for specifying the version.

In addition to explicitly specifying the endpoint in the URI, the following methods of specifying the version are supported by the Cloudsmith API:

Accept HeaderSpecify the version in the Accept header when making requests.Accept: application/json; version=v1
Query StringSpecify the version in the query string when making requests.https://api.cloudsmith.io/user/self/?version=v1

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