Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.2!

Upload via Website UI

Upload via Repository Packages list

Select the repository that you would like to upload into. The green "Upload" button has a dropdown list of the current package formats supported - clicking on one of these will pre-select the upload form type.

Upload drop-down listUpload drop-down list

Upload drop-down list

For this example, we will upload an npm package. If you select "npm" from the dropdown, the package upload form will look like this:

Package upload formPackage upload form

Package upload form


Uploading to a specific package format

Some formats require additional information for upload. For example, Debian requires the selection of a distribution and Maven requires a pom.xml or the entry of group-id, artifact-id and version.

Upload via Package Upload page

You can also access the Package Upload page by clicking the green "Upload" button (not the dropdown menu), and then selecting the package format you wish to upload from the formats tab:

Drop down for package format choiceDrop down for package format choice

Drop down for package format choice

When you have selected a package format from the Package Upload page; we provide tabs with additional information about the available upload methods:

  • Manually via the Website UI
  • Using the package-specific native tooling (where supported)
  • Using the Cloudsmith CLI
  • Using the Cloudsmith API
  • Using an Integration

If we select "npm", then the npm upload page will appear as follows:

Package upload pagePackage upload page

Package upload page

Clicking the green "Upload npm package" button in the Manually (Web UI) tab will then present the same package upload form as before.
We provide a drag-n-drop area to drag your file onto for upload. Click on the area to get the standard OS specific file selector. In my case; I have a demo folder with a single npm package in it:

Select it and the package will upload to the scratch space:

Package upload formPackage upload form

Package upload form

You need to click the green "Upload package" button to complete the upload process. Before you do that; you may need to add additional information, depending on the package format you are uploading.

Once you click the green "Upload npm package" button, the synchronisation process will begin.
After a few seconds your package will be available for download.

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