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npm Registry

npm is an extremely popular package manager for the JavaScript, and is used for creating and using packaged Node.js modules. A public index of packages is available from npm, inc. on npm, Inc also develop and maintain the official npm client, ecosystem and tooling.

For more information on npm, please see:

  • npm: The official website for npm

Dude, Where's my Config?

Cloudsmith provides contextual setup documentation with copy n' paste snippets (with your namespace/repo pre-configured) within the repository documentation.

Cloudsmith is proud to support fully-featured registries for managing your own private and public npm packages. We provide a high-level of compatibility with the official npmjs API meaning you can use the official CLI client - npm - for installing, managing, and publishing npm packages to Cloudsmith. Or if you prefer you can use the Cloudsmith UI, API or CLI - cloudsmith.


The Cloudsmith npm registry has been fully tested with the following:

  • npm CLI version: v6.4.1
  • node version: v6.11.3
  • yarn version: v1.9.4

It is likely that it will work for other environments, including older and more recent versions. If you encounter any issues please let us know.

npm Registry

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