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Helm Chart Repository

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that allows development and operations teams to easily manage and deploy these increasingly complex cloud native applications to their Kubernetes clusters. Helm allows you to manage applications on your Kubernetes cluster in much the same way as you’d manage applications on your Linux server with apt or yum.

Helm works by packaging up a set of YAML definitions along with the necessary configuration to quickly stand up all components of an application in a repeatable way. A single chart can be as simple or complex as necessary, deploying anything from a single container to a full distributed application. Helm combines these application definitions with user-provided configuration to allow simple overriding of configuration where needed, allowing users to concentrate on shipping software and not on the nitty-gritty of configuring every application they need to run.

Helm packages are known as “Charts” and are stored in a “Chart Repository”. By default, Helm comes bundled with the “stable” chart repository, hosted for free by Google. Most public charts are hosted here, mostly provided by vendors packaging their own software for use by others.

For more information on Helm, please see:

Dude, Where's my Config?

Cloudsmith provides contextual setup documentation with copy n' paste snippets (with your namespace/repo pre-configured) within the repository documentation.

Helm Chart Repository

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