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about a year ago by Lee Skillen

The main event for this release is: Entitlement Subset Restrictions & Full Boolean Search!
See the changelog for additional details.


  • added: Entitlement subset restrictions: You can now restrict/limit how entitlement tokens can access your repository.
  • added: Full boolean search: Full boolean queries (AND/OR/NOT) can now be used for package searches.
  • added: More package search attributes: You can now search for distribution, format and status.
  • added: Dynamic index for Python packages: New packages are now reflected immediately and dynamically alter depending on the entitlement token used.
  • added: User-based entitlements enabled/disabled: User-based entitlements can now be disabled completely on a per-repository basis.
  • added: Sequential identifiers: New sequential identifiers have been added to packages, entitlements and webhooks; usage of the older slug_perm (alphanumerical) identifier is now deprecated. You can use the new identifiers immediately in the CLI.
  • added: Help introductions: A snippet of help has been added to every page in repository views, with links to documentation that is in progress.
  • added: API schema ordering: The API schema has been ordered so that code generation for libraries will now be deterministic.
  • added: Feature-specific landing pages: Landing pages for features has been added (and we'll fill these out with screenshots and links to documentation later).
  • added: Sticky columns: All content columns will now stick to the viewport when scrolling.
  • improved: Autocomplete search: Dropdowns that use autocomplete also benefit from the search improvements (e.g. searching for distributions on uploads will now be much easier).
  • fixed: Team permissions: Permissions for management of teams has now been fixed.
  • fixed: (0.29.24) Token downloads counting accesses for non-package files (like metadata).
  • fixed: (0.29.24) Issue with deleting repositories has been fixed.