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about a year ago by Lee Skillen

The main event for this release is: Social Authentication, 2FA and Webhooks!
See the changelog for additional details.


  • added: Social authentication: Connect and login with your Amazon, GitHub, GitLab, Google and Microsoft accounts.
  • added: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Add additional security by requiring a secondary code from your TOTP device when you login.
  • added: Webhooks: Automate your pipelines with webhooks sent from Cloudsmith on events that occur (such as packages being uploaded).
  • added: Emails Management: Users can now add and login with multiple email addresses (and designate one as primary, for notifications).
  • added: API Key Refresh: You can now refresh your API key, in case it gets misplaced or disclosed (oops).
  • added: Subscriptions: We've added a pinch of GDPR compliance, such that you can now opt-in (you're out by default) for certain types of communications.
  • added: Organization 2FA: Two-factor can now be enforced across the entire organization.
  • added: Self-Delete: Users can now completely delete their own accounts (with caveats, see the settings/account page).
  • improved: Login/Emails Security: Password lengths are now capped and all user-based emails now need to be verified (incl. changes). Organizations coming soon too.
  • fixed: (v0.28.49) API endpoint for organization lookup by slug