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about a year ago by Lee Skillen

The main event for this release is: Price Restructure & Performance Enhancements.
See the changelog for additional details.


  • added: Small tier has been deprecated (existing customers not impacted)
  • added: Some features have been realigned to tiers based on value
  • added: Copy, move, resync and delete packages are now queued via FIFO
  • added: Users can now manage their own user-based entitlement tokens
  • improved: Performance of package synchronisation improved by reducing duplication of work
  • improved: Page size maximum now increased to 500 (from 100)
  • improved: Automatic sync attempts are reset to zero on manual resyncs
  • improved: Synchronisation for new packages now prioritised over other actions (e.g. delete)
  • fixed: Synchronisation start time now recorded when package is in progress
  • fixed: Issue with using the IP test feature on the GeoIP restriction page
  • fixed: Users will now automatically downgrade to free after trial if not payment source is set
  • fixed: Issue with moving debian packages not working correctly
  • fixed: Issue with deleting the last Python package version in a group
  • fixed: Issue with repeating retries for duplicate packages
  • fixed: Issue with Python index generation in some circumstances
  • fixed: Mobile navigation menu icon being missing (FA5.0 mismatch)
  • fixed: Issue with transferring repositories to another namespace
  • fixed: Typo in Python installation documentation/script (thanks Ali)
  • fixed: Billing related emails now go to the billing email address (for orgs)
  • fixed: The Vagrant backend now generates its index dynamically (i.e. now usable in Vagrant!)
  • fixed: Overage limits are now fixed for users on active paid accounts
  • fixed: Issue with "all" architecture packages being first uploads in a Debian repository
  • fixed: Issue with default token being used for config endpoints when using a user-based token