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about a year ago by Lee Skillen

The main event for this release is: Package Actions API & Entitlements API.
See the changelog for additional details.


  • added: API for package actions (copy, move and resync)
  • added: API for entitlements (list, create, update, delete, refresh and sync)
  • added: Status reason (for details of failures) has been added to the packages API
  • added: Package synchronisation now works in FIFO queues rather than "many at once" (limits are currently, max 1 per repository, upto 3 across a namespace, concurrently)
  • improved: Package synchronisation is faster because indexing is now performed later (after synchronisation has completed)
  • fixed: The API domain/hostname is now correctly set to
  • fixed: Issues with package counts being off slightly in repository dashboard
  • fixed: When synchronising entitlement tokens, user-based tokens are now copied too