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about a year ago by Lee Skillen

The main event for this release is: Package Grouping & Search & Filter + Repository Perms.
See the changelog for additional details.


  • added: New tab in repository: Package Groups (automatic grouping by by name)
  • added: New package search bar in packages list (search by name, filename, version, architecture and distribution, with more to come later)
  • added: Support for filtering packages by status (e.g. "failed" only)
  • added: Granular permissions for copy, move, resync and delete packages
  • added: Truncated large version strings for packages in various places
  • added: Breakdown of completed, in-progress and failed package counts in repository dashboard
  • improved: Package synchronisation is now faster and more stable
  • improved: Pagination now shows number of results and current from/to range
  • improved: Only successful downloads are shown by default in access logs
  • improved: Write-through cache now used for sessions (no more logouts when we deploy a new version)
  • improved: GPG key filenames now use an 8-byte identifier instead of 4-byte
  • improved: Rendered invoices are now ~60Kb instead of 1MB (thanks Patrick!)
  • fixed: Error occurring when duplicate filenames are used in a package
  • fixed: Left-side menu being unclickable after scrolling a small amount
  • fixed: An issue with our queue middleware that sometimes caused sync to fail
  • fixed: Copying packages older than 1 day occasionally failed, now fixed
  • fixed: Edge location field for access logs no longer truncated to 5 characters
  • fixed: Issue with reactivating a plan after a trial had expired
  • fixed: Documentation for basic auth in Maven/Gradle now fixed